GKN at a glance

Powder Metallurgy

GKN Powder Metallurgy is the world’s leading producer of sintered components and the largest producer of metal powder in North America.


  • Sintered components for engines and gearboxes.
  • Sintered bearings and filters.
  • Metal injection moulded components.
  • Soft magnetic materials for use in electric motors.


The majority of our products are for applications in the automotive industry, with the balance for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses.

Technology trends

Trends in automotive and industrial markets have led to greater demand for lower emissions, higher fuel efficiency and lighter weight.

Our response

  • Powder metal technology enables the flexible design of high performance complex shapes and the production of components at, or close to, net shape, leading to a reduction in material waste and associated energy consumption in manufacture.
  • Demand for high precision and the use of new materials has led to the development of components such as helical gears for e-steering systems and, in conjunction with GKN Driveline, sinter-forged differential gears.