Underpinning our strategic objectives. GKN is committed to providing long term shareholder value in the form of steadily growing earnings and dividends. To help deliver our strategic objectives, which we summarise under the four headings of market leadership, growth, operational excellence and sustainability, we develop and deploy key capabilities across the Group. These are superior technology, world class lean manufacturing, leveraging our global footprint, exceptional customer service, outstanding leadership and development for all. At the heart of all of these are our Values which bind the Group together. This review summarises activity during the year in relation to certain key capabilities, not covered elsewhere in this report, with a particular focus on corporate responsibility.

Living our Values

In our relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we are guided by our Values. These Values are contained in the GKN Code which, together with a series of related policies, provides a framework for the behaviour of all our employees whatever their job and wherever they work. The GKN Code and policies can be found on our website at

Responsible business conduct

All our employees are required to maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and fair dealing. Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations wherever we operate is a minimum requirement in all our policies. We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and do not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour. Through our supplier management policy we require equivalent standards through our supply chain; Group companies are prohibited from engaging suppliers that offer inadequate health and safety standards for employees, infringe internationally accepted standards of workers’ rights, use child or forced labour, unsound environmental practices, have poor standards of social responsibility or that fail to comply with relevant laws and regulations. The policy encourages Group companies to develop and maintain value adding relationships with our supply base.

Superior technology

Superior technology is the cornerstone of our strategy. The Group’s technology plan is developed on a Group and divisional basis, reflecting the priorities of each of the Group’s portfolios, and focusing on the products we make, how we make them, the material we use in the manufacturing process, how our customers use our products and how they can be recycled or disposed of safely. The plan takes into account market drivers for each business area, such as the low carbon agenda, electrification, urbanisation, water shortage and changes in food consumption, all of which help define the technologies of the future.

GKN’s Technology Strategy Board, sponsored by the Chief Executive and chaired by the Group’s Principal Engineer, drives the development and deployment of the technology plan. It also facilitates collaboration on technology developments across the Group’s businesses, through sharing best practice and exploiting synergies where appropriate. The Technology Strategy Board has a key role in further developing external relationships and partnerships, including access to sources of funding.

An important focus of the Strategy Board’s work during the year has been on ensuring that GKN has the necessary internal resources to deliver the technology plan. To this end, a career framework for engineers, based on the GKN leadership framework, has been developed which defines the skills and experience required to progress from team member through to senior executive level. Common training and development programmes to enable individuals to advance their careers are being developed.