Financial Statements

The Financial Statements are available to download in Adobe PDF* format. Please select the file you wish to download from the list below. Alternatively you can download the Financial Statements from our Download manager where you can 'Create your own Report'.

Full set of Financial Statements 267KB
Independent Auditors’ Report to the Members of GKN plc (Group) 38KB
Consolidated Income Statement 32KB
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 32KB
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 32KB
Consolidated Balance Sheet 33KB
Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 32KB
Notes to the Financial Statements 224KB
Independent Auditors’ Report to the Members of GKN plc (Company) 38KB
Balance Sheet of GKN plc 31KB
Notes to the Financial Statements of GKN plc 35KB
Group Financial Record 30KB

Adobe Acrobat

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